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Woman named ‘Siri’ asks Tim Cook for MacBook after years of jokes

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Queency Jain

A woman named “Siri” wrote a letter to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, demanding a MacBook on her 30th birthday as a gift for years of jokes she heard on her name.

Siri Hafso apparently got viral on social media just after she mailed the Cook for the MacBook.

Her letter was mixed with humor and complains for being mocked for having same name as Apple’s Virtual assistant software.

Expressing her pain, she further wrote how she was asked to show her ID when way back in 2014 she went to buy her a MacBook as the owner of the store wouldn’t believe her name to be Siri.

Asking Cook to understand her situation she faced, she told him how she had to change her name from Siri to Sierra at her workplace.

While the citizens have extended support on her demand after the Siri posted the same mail on her twitter account, Siri mocking in the end highlighted that her mail was generated on her IPhone 12 itself thereby showing how loyal customer of the company she is.