US tells Supreme Court: Limited Testimony can be given by Abu Zubaydah

Sanika Deshpande

Published On: October 18, 2021, at 12:00 IST

The high-ranking Al Qaeda figure held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba could only provide limited testimony about his torture under the CIA, the President’s Administration informed the Apex Court in the United States. 

Abu Zubaydah, a Palestinian man, was captured in 2002 in Pakistan and was held by the US.

Since his capture, which was without any charges, he underwent simulated drowning 83 times, which is considered to be torture, and also lost an eye.

Abu Zubaydah’s lawyers alleged that he was tortured at some secret locations of the CIA known as ‘Black Sites’ after his capture before he was brought to the detention facility.

Zubaydah, who is now 50, has spent 15 years at the detainment centre. 

Attorney Brian had written a letter to the court of Friday, October 15th informing the Justices that the detainee could provide a declaration in the pending case. 

Nonetheless, the government would permit Abu Zubaydah, upon his request, to send a declaration that could then be transmitted to the Polish investigation”, Fletcher wrote in the letter.

Earlier on the 6th of October, the Top Court began hearing Abu’s case. His lawyers had filed a complaint against Poland in the Polish and European Courts for its role in the treatment he received from the CIA while being detained in the country.

The two CIA agents from whom the testimonies were expected are James Elmer Mitchell and John Jessen.

On 6th October, Justice Neil Gorsuch asked Attorney Brian Fletcher “Why not make the witness available?”, “What is the government’s objection to the witness testifying to his treatment and not requiring any admission from the government of any kind?” 

The Government of the United States had blocked the testimonial request of the agents because they would reveal ‘State Secrets’.

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