Sudan PM Abdalla Hamdok resigns amid political deadlock

Sudan Law insider

Munmun Kaur

Published On: January 03, 2022 at 12:46 IST

On January 02, Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced his resignation. This came amid political deadlock and widespread pro-democracy protests as a result of the October military coup that derailed the Country’s fragile transition to Democratic rule.

Abdalla Hamdok was reinstated as the Prime Minister in November as a part of an Agreement with the military but Hamdok, who is seen as the face of Sudan’s transitional Government failed to name a Cabinet and now his resignation has thrown the Country into political uncertainty.

While addressing the Nation through television Abdalla Hamdok stated that, fragmentation of political forces and conflicts between military and civilian components of transition were unbridgeable and that he tried his best to stop the Nation from sliding towards disaster.

He also called for a dialogue to agree on a ‘National charter’ and to ‘Draw a roadmap’ to complete the transition to Democracy in accordance with the 2019 constitutional document governing the transitional period.

Further, Abdalla Hamdok stated that his stepping down would allow another person to take upon the responsibility to lead the nation and complete its transition to a ‘Civilian, democratic Country. Although, he did not name his successor.

He further added, “I have had the honor of serving my country people for more than two years. And during his period I have sometimes done well, and I have sometimes failed”.

Prior to the resignation, the Sudanese security forces violently dispersed the pro-democracy protesters calling for the denouncement of not only the takeover but the subsequent deal that reinstated Hamdok and sidelined the pro-democracy movement. As per the reports, two people were killed in the agitation.

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