Slovakia Prime Minister Shot multiple times after Cabinet Meeting

May17,2024 #Robert Fico #Slovakia

Published on: May 17, 2024 09:38 IST

Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot multiple times by a unknown gunman aged approx 71 Years, after a cabinet meeting in the central town of Handlova. The former Communist Party member took power for the fourth time last year in October and known for being pro-Russian views.

During his current term, Robert Fico has garnered worldwide attention after a series of inflammatory comments about Ukraine, calling for Kyiv to cede territory to Moscow to end the war- something Ukraine has repeatedly ruled out.

Robert Fico, who is a four-time Prime Minister of Slovakia, was wounded in a shooting incident in Handlova, Prime Minister was hospitalized following the attack and is undergoing treatment.

Around five shots were fired at the scene when the PM came out to meet the people. The alleged shooter was arrested on-site and the area was evacuated.

As per the witnesses, shots were heard when the PM came out to meet the people who welcomed him. Fico was then seen on the ground with blood stains. The incident took place after a government meeting in Handlova, following which the PM was hospitalized.

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