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Myanmar’s military successfully conducts coup against Aung San Suu Kyi government

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Tanvi Sinha

Following a coup d’état, the elected government of Myanmar has been thrown aside, with prominent leaders arrested, as the Military takes control once again of the country.  

The government, of which Aung San Suu Kyi was the de-facto head, was pushed aside on allegations of election fraud with the country being thrown to a state of one-year emergency. 

This follows after a landslide win by Suu Kyi’s party earlier. 

Suu Kyi herself was arrested this morning captured in a video shared on Facebook by her husband, MP Pa Pa Han.

She had in a letter written in preparation of detention that she already anticipated, told her supporters to not accept this and protest against the coup. 

Soldiers have been deployed to block the roads of the capital and state broadcasts have been moved off-air. 

Data and communication services were disrupted and banks were closed.

Suu Kyi, once a global symbol of democracy and a recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize had lost a lot of credibility to her international image when in 2019, the ICJ questioned her government about the planned rapes and murder of her Rohingya population.

However, that has not stopped an overwhelming amount of international support, with powerhouses such as the United States of America, Germany, France, Australia and the United Kingdom’s so far condemning the coup.