First Real Time Public Hearing Held by Select Committee to Investigate Incident of January 6 in Capitol

Jun10,2022 #Capital Hill #Donald Trump
Capitol Hill Jan 6th Hearing Law Insider

Paridhi Arya

Published on June 10, 2022 at 14:41 IST

The first public hearing was held by Select Committee to reveal the findings procured after one-year long investigation of rebellion that took place on January 6 in the Capitol.

The Committee blamed former American President Donald Trump for inciting the riots to overturn the result of elections held on 2020.

The Panel insisted that what happened in Capitol on January 6 should be condemned from happening again as it is the red flag for the democracy.

Ex-President Trump was insisting his supporters again and again that there is an election fraud although when his own people had accepted the Biden won the election.

The Committee during the hearing showed the video clip of former Attorney General Bill Barr who testified that the allegations of election fraud by Trump was ‘bull’.

Ivanka Trump the daughter of former President Donald Trump testified that she respected Barr and accepted what was said by him.

The rioters when testified along with the group named Proud Boys, they said they came Capitol because it was said by the Trump.

Cheney read an account that when Trump was informed about shouting Mike Pence the Vice President should be hanged as he was not restricting the results the Trump firmly replied that maybe they were right.

The police who fought and experience the violence flooded with tears when the footage of that day was shown in the hearing room.

Caroline Edwards, U.S. Capitol Police Officer explained the situation, she said that she slipped in the blood as being pushed in the riots and suffered injuries.

The Chairman of the Committee Thompson started the hearing. He said that that was the worst of American history and said still some people are not accepting what happened in Capitol.

The Group Pride Boys was filmed during investigation where it was revealed that since November, they were thinking of violence so the Trump remain in his position.

Many of the lawmakers were trapped inside the House of Gallery. They asserted it was the violent transition of power they saw in the American history. The charges were framed against 800 people together.

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