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Indonesian Court allows female soldier to change gender

Soni Satti

The Tondano district court in Indonesia ruled in favor of an appeal made by a female soldier to change her gender to male in official records.

A plea filed by Second Sergeant Aprilia Santini Manganang requested the court to change her name to Aprilio Perkasa Manganang. 

Manganang is a former member of the Indonesian national women’s volleyball team, Manganang had gone through hypospadias surgery to correct congenital anomalies.

Chief Judge Nova Loura in the ruling stated,

“the applicant Aprilia Santini Manganang has changed her gender from woman to man and he now holds the rights and responsibilities as a male citizen ‘’.

Manganang, who has lived his entire life as a woman for the past 28 years, appreciated the court’s decision and expressed his immense gratitude. 

After the hearing, he told the media,

“I hope it will be a good start for the future and a new beginning”.

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