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India files Affidavit proving Indian Citizenship of Choksi , CBI team already in Dominica

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Queency Jain

Making the situation worse for Mehul Choksi, the Ministry of External Affairs’ official has filed an affidavit, on behalf of the Union of India, proving Choksi’s citizenship in the Dominica High Court.

A team consisting of the Enforcement Directorate and Crime Branch of India, after taking help from ex-solicitor general Harish Salve, has prepared the affidavit stating Choksi to be an Indian citizen.

The affidavit states Choksi to be wanted in Rs. 13,000 Crore bank scam by the investigating agencies thereby asking to declare his entry to Antigua illegal.

The top officials of the Intelligence Bureau have told that Choksi is spending a huge amount of money on lawyers while his wife Priti is handling the PR on his behalf.

Priti has claimed that his husband Choksi is not an Indian citizen but is all available to be interviewed by the Indian agencies and is ready to cooperate at his best. 

Priti further stated that since his husband is not Indian, he must not be forced and should be returned back to his family in Antigua and Barbuda.

A team of investigating officers led by CBI SP Sharda Raut is already in Dominica and is advising Choksi to surrender and cooperate in the investigation.