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Hathras horror: UP govt justifies late night cremation by citing intel on violence

By Shelal Lodhi Rajput-

The whole nation is burning on two topics and everyone wants to know the answer of the questions, one is the mystery behind the death of SSR and the other one is the brutal and inhuman act of rape in Hathras.

In the latest development today, the UP government in its affidavit said that the body of victim in Hathras case was cremated to avoid violence.

Uttar Pradesh government has asked the Apex Court to order a court monitored probe by the CBI investigation into the Hathras gang rape case. The state government already recommended a probe by the central agency to avoid any vested interest.

In the affidavit UP government also said, that the body of 19-year-old Dalit woman was cremated at night to avoid law and order problems as the government has cited intel inputs of possible “large scale violence.” The government has said that the political parties and some organizations are trying to create a caste divide in the aftermath of the crime.

“The district administration took the decision to convince the parents of the victim to cremate her with all religious rites at night to avoid large scale violence in the morning. Once the post mortem of the deceased victim was already conducted at Safdurjung hospital, New Delhi, there cannot be any bad intention on the part of anyone to expedite the cremation except to obviate the political violent situation resulting from planned caste divide by certain vested interests,” the affidavit said.

In the affidavit state government also said that a “vicious propaganda” unleashed on social media and by certain sections of society to intentionally mislead the public and to create caste and communal disharmony (riots like event) in the state. For the same, apart from the CBI probe in the gang rape incident the state has also sough a CBI investigation in the aforesaid context.

“The state government is committed to conduct free and fair investigation to reach the truth. The state govt seeks indulgence of this court to direct the CBI to investigate into the incident and into criminal conspiracy to spread caste conflict and instigate violence and incidents of propaganda by certain sections of media and political interests,” the UP government said in the affidavit.

The incident came to knowledge on September 14 on the day when the woman was gang raped and she died in the hospital in New Delhi on 29th September 2020, nearly two weeks after the rape.