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Farmers’ Protest: SCBA criticises the use of force against protesters

Anushka Mansharamani

10th December: The Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) resolved to disallow the use of force or any repressive measures against the peaceful protest taking place by the farmers.

The protest is for the revocation of the three farm laws passed.

  • The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce Act
  • The Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act
  • Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act

The SCBA observed that the farmers were doing a non-violent protest to present their perspective on the legislation passed which is within the rights of the citizens.

It further emphasized the constitutional right given to all citizens to carry out peaceful protests as “Peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our Constitution and the bedrock of human rights.”

This resolution was passed after thousands of farmers on 26th November started to camp at Delhi borders to demand the withdrawal of the farm laws.

During the protest, the police sprayed water through the water cannons and fired tear gas to stop the protests, but they failed to do so.

Instead, the support for the protest made the Centre invite the leaders for discussions.

The negotiation and discussions are on, and as a result, are yet to be declared as the farmers are very firm on their demands.

Previously, the Bar Council of Delhi had written to the Prime Minister to repeal those provisions under the law that do not give jurisdiction of such matters to the Civil Courts.

Therefore, keeping the current situation in mind, the SCBA passed the order to allow peaceful protests to continue.