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Donald Trump to announce Supreme Court pick by Saturday


American President Donald Trump told to reporters that he planned to reveal by Saturday, pick to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrat hoping of keeping the seat empty faded when two Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Cory Gardner, signaled their support for moving forward quickly.

Trump also told to reporters that he was zeroing in on one or two candidates among five who are under consideration.

Two federal appeals court judges appointed by Trump are clear front-runners: Amy Coney Barrett of the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Barbara Lagoa of the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump met with Barrett at the White House on Monday, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Ginsburg died on Friday of complications from pancreatic cancer at age 87.

Trump’s announcement come because last week Ginsburg isburied privately at Arlington National Cemetery .

Officials have arranged for a public viewing of her body outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday and Thursday and inside the U.S. Capitol on Friday.

Due to Ruth Bader Ginsburg death Trump and his party gets an opportunity to establish a 6-3 conservative majority on a court whose decisions influence many spheres of American life including abortion, health care, gun rights, voting access, presidential powers and the death penalty.

With Republicans holding a 53-47 majority in the Senate, it would require at least four of them to break ranks to stop the nomination from going through. Two Republican senators — Maine’s Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski — said over the weekend that the chamber should not move forward with a Trump nominee before the election.

Democrats also hoped to get support from Gardner and Grassley. But both men said they would vote to confirm a qualified Trump pick.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, who has clashed with Trump and is seen by Democrats as a potential holdout, avoided questions about the Supreme Court seat on Monday.