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Delhi High Court orders CBI Probe for forcefully sending woman to rehab


Delhi High Court orders CBI Probe in matter where a 22 yr old woman detained and sent to rehabilitation centre.

Police has detained her for 22 days on the request of her mother, who objected to her relationship with a married man from a different faith.

Delhi Police has also been directed to register an FIR against the centre, its director and others responsible for her illegal detention.

Delhi High Court division bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rajnish Bhatnagar directs CBI to probe, “the complete records, activities and ongoings” at Rehabilitation Centre. Delhi High Court orders registering fresh FIR’s in the instant case.

Delhi High Court understanding gravity of the issue siad, “possibility of the centre being misused for the purpose of forcibly detaining people on the ground that they require rehabilitation cannot be ruled out”.

Delhi High Court also took notice of Delhi Police failure to act on complaints made by the mother at police stations in Bindapur and Shahdara regarding threats issued to her and her son by the man who was allegedly in a relationship with her daughter.

Court observed FIR had been registered but no action had been taken and Said,“Unfortunately, this is the usual trend… People who come from the poorer strata of the society hardly ever are heard by the police and their complaints remain unactioned,” said the court, as it noted no.