Dawood Ibrahim

Wanted Gangster

NAME: Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

DATE OF BIRTH: 26th December 1955

PLACE OF BIRTH: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

FATHER: Late Ibrahim Kaskar MOTHER: Late Amina Bi

SPOUSE: Mahjabeen Shaikh

AFFAIR 1.     Mehwish Hayat 2.     Mandakini

BROTHERS 1.     Shabir Ibrahim Kashar 2.     Zaitoon Antuley 3.     Iqbal Kashar 4.     Mustaqueem Ali 5.     Sabir Ahmad 6.     Anis Ibrahim 7.     Noora Ibrahim

SISTER: Haseena Parkar

CHILDREN: 1.     Moin Ibrahim 2.     Mehreen Ibrahim


1.     School- Ahmed Sailor School, Dongari, Maharashtra, India

2.     College- Drop-out

OCCUPATION: Terrorist/Wanted gangster


1.     Global terrorist.

2.     Third on Forbes’s World’s 10 Most Wanted list in 2010.

3.     Mastermind in the 1993 Mumbai Attacks by the Indian government.


1. Karim Lala gang and the Haji Mastan the two famous and powerful gangs had become infamous during Dawood Ibrahim’s early times which resulted in him being the leader of the gang.

2.  A gang war took place between Haji Mastan and Patan gang and Dawood Ibrahim managed to wipe out both the gangs and took over the Mumbai gang.

3. Dawood Ibrahim established a D- Company in Dubai and operated his business from Dubai which led to India’s biggest racket named Hawala.   G


1. Dawood Ibrahim was alleged to be involved in drug trafficking and provided transportation for illegal activities.[1]

2. Accused of being the mastermind behind the bombings in Mumbai which resulted in approximately 1000 injuries – 1993.

3. Accused of being one of the planners and financier of the serial blast that took place – 1993.

4. Wanted criminal since – 1994.

5. Accused of being the Finance source for various terrorist organisations including Lashkar-e-Taiba.  


1.  One of the prime businesses of the D-Company was betting on several cricket matches.

2.  In 1986 Dawood Ibrahim entered the dressing room during an India – Pakistan match and offered to gift an expensive car to each of the players if they beat Pakistan.

3. D-Company was alleged to have been a part of the IPL Spot Fixing Scam in 2013.

4. In 2011, Indian intelligence linked D-Company with the 2G Spectrum scam through a company formerly known as Swan Telecom.

5.  Accused of extorting money from the film industry.

6. Accused of being the mastermind behind Gulshan Kumar and Javed Siddique murder.

7. Dawood Ibrahim released movies such as Once Upon a Time In Mumbai and a film was made on him named Black Friday.

8. D-Company is also known for extortion and threats targeted towards Bollywood producers and celebrities.

9. D- Company was accused of extortion of Bollywood directors.  


1.  Accused of operating a larger- scale shipment of narcotics in Western Europe and United Kingdom.

2.  Close contact with Osama bin-Laden the former leader of al- Qaeda and is now on USA’s radar too.    


State Through Cbi vs Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

Question of law

1. What is a Grant of police custody of a person arrested during further investigation?

2. When and under what circumstance a Court can invoke the provision of Section 73 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973?


1. Court  laid down the law on the issue relating to grant of police custody of a person arrested during further investigation and stated that the police remand can be sought Under Section 167(2) Code of Criminal Procedure in respect of an accused arrested at the stage of further investigation, if the interrogation is needed by the investigating agency.[2]

2. The magistrate does not exercise judicial discretion while dealing with an accused of a non-bailable offence who is produced before him pursuant to a warrant of arrest issued under Section 73.

3. The Supreme Court further clarified in the said case that expression ‘accused if in custody’ in Section 309(2) Code of Criminal Procedure does not include the accused who is arrested on the further investigation before supplementary charge sheet is filed.[3]

4. Therefore the court set aside the impugned order and directed the Designated Court to dispose of the applications filed by C.B.I.  


1. After various scandals and the bombing that took place, Dawood Ibrahim was said to have fled to Pakistan or the UAE.

2. In 2015 it was alleged that Dawood Ibrahim was in Karachi but Pakistan denied it. 3.    

Recently on 22nd August 2020, Pakistan has confirmed three addresses of Dawood Ibrahim.

Although the search for Dawood Ibrahim still continues………….  

By Anushka Mansharamani    

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