Daniel Pearl Murder Case: US ‘outraged’ as Pakistan SC upheld acquittal of Ahmed Omar Saeed

Anushka Mansharamani

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, United States stated that Pakistan’s Supreme Court order upholding the acquittal of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh in the Daniel Pearl Murder case was “outraged”.

She further stated that US President Joe Biden’s administration is “outraged by the Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision”.

She also termed the court ruling as an affront to terrorism victims everywhere and thereby demanded Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to review the case.

Jen Psaki’s remarks came in relation to the conviction that took place of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh for the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Daniel Pearl, journalist & Asia bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.

This murder came as a shock to the international community however, the court dismissed the charges filed against him and stated that he had spent 18 months in Pakistan prison.

According to the Associated Press report, the government had exhausted all options to keep him under imprisonment. This also implied that Sheikh would be free within the day as in Pakistan, Supreme Court is the last court of the resort and the final decision-maker.

As per the statement released by the lawyer, it was stated,

“The Pearl family is in complete shock by the majority decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to acquit and release Ahmed Omer Sheikh and the other accused persons who kidnapped and killed Daniel Pearl.”