Daniel Pearl Murder Case: Pakistan’s Supreme Court upholds acquittal

Anushka Mansharamani

The Pakistan Supreme Court dismissed various appeals that were filed against the acquittal of a British-born militant who was convicted of masterminding the kidnap and murder of Daniel Pearl, a US journalist.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was on death row since his conviction.

Mahmood Sheikh, representing Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, told AFP “The court has come out to say that there is no offense that he has committed in this case.”

The court also dismissed the appeal of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh’s acquittal by Daniel Pearl’s family.

Daniel Pearl’s family statement released by the lawyer stated, “Today’s decision is a complete travesty of justice and the release of these killers puts in danger journalists everywhere and the people of Pakistan.”

The Supreme Court passed the order after an international outcry flared up last year when the lower court had acquitted the 47-year-old of murder and reduced its sentence to that of a charge of kidnap which would be much less.

His death sentence was overturned and his release was ordered after almost 20 years in prison.

Daniel Pearl was the South Asia Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal when he was abducted in January 2002 from Karachi during his ongoing Islamist Militants research.