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Supreme Court issued Notice on Plea damanding ban on use of the sanitization tunnel

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sanitization tunnel

sanitization tunnel

By Rishi Patodia-

Gursimran Singh Narula, a final year law student had filed a PIL in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India praying the court to ban the use of the sanitizing tunnel.

So on 10.08.2020, the court had issued a notice to the Union of India seeking complete ban on the use of sanitizing tunnel used across the country to disinfect public entrances.

In the PIL, he had pleaded and argued that sanitizing tunnels are ‘ineffective’ in preventing the spread of the virus and also are not good for the citizens as these expose individuals to ultra virus rays resulting in dangerous after effects. The PIL also stated that the same amounts to ‘non consensual medical experimentation’.

In the PIL, he has sated what various organisations like World Health Organisation, Directorate General of Heath Services (EMR Division) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on the use of Sanitizing tunnel. The PIL has included the advisory issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in which talks against the spraying of disinfectant on people to prevent the spread of COVID – 19. Further the advisory stated that spraying on individuals or groups in not recommended under any circumstances and it can lead to irritation of eyes, skin and potentially gastrointestinal and psychological problems. It further added that such measure may lead to false sense of disinfection & safety and actually hamper public observance to hand washing and social distancing measures.

Adding to this, the PIL also stated that there are few organisations which doubt whether the use if sanitizing tunnels is actually dangerous or not. And therefore due to this, the common public in large is getting confused whether they should use it or not. Due to this, even many IPS officers have misinterpreted the information and have advised others to use the sanitizing tunnels.

The PIL also stated that the use of sanitizing tunnels have infringed the fundamental right of Right to Healthy life under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Therefore the petitioner has prayed for ban on manufacturing, usage, installation and advertisement of disinfection tunnel involving spaying or fumigation of chemical disinfectants for the purposes disinfecting human beings.

The case was heard by 3 judge bench of Supreme Court comprising of Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice R. Subhash Reddy and Justice M. R. Shah and the petitioner side was heard by the Gursimran Singh Narula itself.