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Gujarat HC to resume physical hearing from Sept 14

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Gujarat High Court

Gujarat High Court


The Gujarat High Court to resume Physical Hearing and issued an order notifies steps for resumption of physical courts in phased manner from September 14.

Gujarat High Court for resumption of physical functioning in a phased manner has notified that the following benches would be set up:

The Division Bench for conviction appeals will take up matters registered till year 2014, while the Single Judge Benches will hear appeals registered till year 2018.

The High Court in Guidelines states,

“The Civil Weekly running board will be published in advance by Friday of every preceding week and any request for adjournment will not be entertained except in exceptional circumstances if and as may be considered by the concerned Bench.”

Directions to Advocates for appellant will have to submit consent for their in-jail criminal appeals to be taken up in physical mode through the physical hearing consent module from the Case Status link of the High Court website or directly through on a link.

Based on the consent received, a weekly running board will be prepared in the order of age of the matters to be listed during the week. Such board will be published by Friday of the every preceding week.

Further adds “No request for adjournment will be entertained as the criminal appeals are being listed with sufficient prior notice and with consent of the appellant side parties”.