Court Issues Notice to Centre, NCERT over glorification of Mughals in History Textbooks

Kashish Jain

A Lower Court in Jaipur issues a notice to the Union Ministry of Education and Director of NCERT over the glorification of Mughal rulers in the NCERT history textbook that has been prescribed for class XII.

This petition seeks to remove the facts that glorify the Mughal rule and seeks a ban on the printing and publishing of a substantive section of the textbook.

The Court has ordered the respondents to either be present in person or appear through their advocates to present their replies, accompanied with the documents.

P C Bhandari has filed a petition against the joint secretary, ministry of education, New Delhi and Director, NCERT in civil court no. 17, Sanganer, Jaipur and demanded that in Page No. 234 of the Class XII history book ‘Themes in Indian History’ Part-2 states that Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb issued grants to repair temples that were demolished during wars.

The Petition had earlier tried to access information via the Right To Information when the Head of the Department of Public Information replied that they had no proof to substantiate the printed matter.

Bhandari then went onto approach the court in an attempt to remove the so-called offending section from the book.

To the petitioner’s dismay, even after 2 months of receiving the notice, the segments were not removed from the Books.