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Newspaper is an important source of information about what is happening around the world. It is known as the powerful mode of mass communication which provides us every type of news like sports, politics, entertainment, international news and many more. It is the power house of the news as it keeps us aware about all the current events.

It does not only provide information but also help to improve reading skills and vocabulary. It is a link between government and public as newspaper mostly contain politics events.

But there is some information by government which cannot be published in a newspaper normally as it needs some important reorganization and this type of information is published in government’s official journal known as “Gazette”.

The Gazette of India is an authorized legal document of government which is published by department of publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs. It is mainly authorized to publish government notices.

A gazette provides information relating to the new laws [assed by the government], any amendment made in any ac and names of the official government officers and many more.

What is The Gazette of India?

Gazette is an official journal and also is like legal newspaper of a country. Just like newspaper gives all news relating to the incidents took place around us, gazette gives information about the government activities.

The Gazette of India (Bharat Ka RajPtr) is an official legal document of government of India.

The notifications in the Gazette are published by the Department of Publication. It is a public journal which contained official government notices. The Gazette of India includes all laws and rules, orders and notifications have to be published in the name of President or Governor before it takes effect.

It is published by the Controller of Publications who is placed under the Ministry of Urban Affairs.

Government gazette is used to publish acts and bills, regulations and notices in terms of acts, financial statements of government. The GazetteofIndia and state gazettes are official and legal government publications, which also publish the appointments or promotions of government officials along with other government notifications.

Gazetted Officer, if a person’s name gets published in Gazette of India or any state Gazette than that person is known as Gazetted. The gazetted officer’s acts are considered as an authorized witness for the document verification.

Who is Gazetted Officer?

The government services have attracted many young students to make their career. Even though having much opportunity in private sector but many of the students go for government services and make their career. The posts like IAS, IPS, Gazette Officer and many more are the respected and prestigious posts in the society.

Gazetted Officer is high ranked government officials or a person working as an officer in the Indian government, whose name is published in The Gazette of India.

They are legal, have completed statutory authorities, also have some legal establishment and are officially sanctioned and hence they are considered and represented as De Jure.

Authority for a gazetted officer of the official signature, stamp, and official seal which is necessary for verifying and attesting the important documents certified copies, and photographs of the person for the central and state government comes from the President of India or the Governors of States.

How to Become a Gazetted Officer?

Gazetted officers are executive, managerial or supervision real level ranked public servants of India. To become a gazette officer one has to give exams conducted by the UPSC.

The eligibility criteria for the exam is as follows-

  1. A candidate should have completed a Graduation Degree from a recognized University from any stream with minimum 55%.
  2. Candidate must have completed 21 years of age are eligible to apply for the exam and the upper age limit is 32 years. The age relaxation is 5 years for the Reserved Candidates; for OBC it is 3 years.
  3. There are limits for the attempt of the exam- For General the attempts are 6; for OBC is and for the reserved there are no limits for the attempt up to age limit.[1]

The exam is conducted in following 2 stages:

  1. Prelim Exam
  2. Main Exam

What are the different classes of Gazetted Officer?

The group of Gazetted officer has divided into 3 groups that is following:

  1. Group A; Gazetted Officer
  2. Group B; Gazetted Officer
  3. Group C; Non- Gazetted Officer

Group ‘A’ or Class ‘I’ include

This group includes the high rank officers-

  1. All India services though posted to states.
  2. Promotes from states to the cadre of Assistant commissioner and above.
  3. Police officers (Circle Inspector and above).
  4. Additional District Civil surgeons.
  5. Executive Engineers and above.
  6. District Medical Officer and above.
  7. Lt. Col and above.
  8. Principals of Government Colleges and above.
  9. Readers and above of Universities.
  10. Patent Examiner etc.

Group ‘B’ or Class II include-

  1. Section Officer.
  2. BDO(Block Development Officer).
  3. Tahsildar.
  4. Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals.
  5. Assistant Executive Engineer.
  6. Lectures in Government colleges.
  7. Headmaster of Government high schools.
  8. 2nd Lieutenant to Major.
  9. Magistrate[2]

Group ‘C’ or Class III include-

These are non-gazetted officers who are employed with the government but in non-supervisory roles example includes-

  1. Nurses
  2. TTEs
  3. Telephone operators
  4. Head Clerks
  5. Police Head Constables[3]


Gazetted Officers are government officials which have given powers and have some duties towards the citizen. They have some delegated powers of government as our government cannot be available at every place at every time. These officials work as a public servant and their duty to serve and help the public.

They are respectful and high ranked officers and are there for maintain law and order and also to check all government activities. Their work must be appreciated by the public.

As they are public servant it does not mean that they should misuse their power and their rights but they should be present all the time for the society.

At the end the most important thing that everyone including these government officials should in keep in mind that these jobs and posts are the country’s pride and no one is having any right to destroy the pride of country in any circumstance.

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