Bombay High Court to hear COVID-19 cases even during vacations


The Bombay High Court Chief Justice Dipankar Datta has stated that his bench will hear COVID-19 cases even during vacations.

During the previous hearing, the Bench took note of the fires in various Maharashtra hospitals and directed Municipal Corporations to conduct fire audits with immediate effect.

The Bombay High Court has adjourned pleas for improper management of COVID-19 medical treatment in Maharashtra. A hearing was held before a bench consisting of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni. The next hearing is expected to be held on May 6.

“The second wave of the pandemic, arising out of COVID-19 virus, has been wreaking havoc just as the first wave did in the year that went by,” the court said in its order.

Mumbai has improved its performance in handling the COVID-19 cases. After reaching a 5-digit daily case count, the number of cases has dropped by more than half in the last week. It also recorded the lowest increase in cases in many days, with 2,662 cases reported.

At the same time, the vaccination process is in full swing. As the virus spread rapidly, the government recently allowed citizens over the age of 18 to enrol and get vaccinated.