Bombay HC: Corporate donations must be sought by State Govt for crematoriums

Sakshi Chhabra

Bombay High Court asked the Maharashtra government and municipal authorities to seek donations from the local corporate companies and industrialists to build electric and LPG crematoriums in the city.

These directions were given by a bench of Justices Ravindra Ghuge and Bhalchandra Debadwar.

The court passed this order after it was informed to the court there are no electric or LPG crematoriums in the district of Aurangabad.

Dr. Kale, the Public Prosecutor then told the court that it will be very expensive to construct these crematoriums as it will need continuous electric supply and a certain temperature has to be maintained always. Moreover, people are now using wood for the funeral pyre.

On this the court pointed out, “Take a leaf out of Israel’s book. It paid 30 dollars instead of 15 for each dose of vaccine to ensure it got enough stock. It vaccinated 90 per cent of its population and managed to save manifold by avoiding a nationwide lockdown.”

“In our view, chopping fire wood for lighting funeral pyre is disastrous to nature mother earth & larger interest would be served & saving natural resources would be done by converting from normal conventional methods to electric/LPG crematoriums”, High Court stated.

The judges said that the electric and LPG crematoriums are the most cost effective in the long run. The court has also called upon the Divisional Commissioners of Aurangabad to make a statement on the same.

The bench also sought to know about the charges against a local MLA Sanjay Shirsat who performed a Bhoomi Pujan ceremony recently breaking the COVID protocols. Kale further stated that a case has been registered against the MLA and 50 other people who participated in the ceremony.

High Court further stated that three serving Judges have also seen people breaking the COVID protocols and roaming on the streets for morning walks, and not wearing masks and helmets while riding motorbikes. 

The state authorities submitted to the court that Aurangabad has enough oxygen supply, approximately 200 metric tons of oxygen for all the hospitals in the district.

Also, that 2.34 lakh people have been vaccinated in the district of Aurangabad.

On April 26, the bench also made it mandatory for the people to venture out on the road only in the given time (from 7 am to 11 am) and to compulsory carry Aadhaar cards with them.

High Court further directed that all those who have lost their lives due to COVID should be given a proper funeral and to be careful to not dump the bodies together in the crematoriums.

The matter will be heard next on May 6.