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Bail granted to accused in attempted murder case by Mumbai sessions court

Sreya Kanugula

A sessions court in Mumbai gave bail to an accused person arrested on the charges of attempted murder after noting that the pistol he allegedly used and seized from him, was revealed to be a cigarette lighter.

The court also said that the submitted report on the ballistics to the court had not made light of any evidence in the positive with regards to the firing.

The 30-year-old, Bandra-based accused was identified to be Mr. Farhan Sayeed who was arrested on the 29th of November in 2020 after an allegation was made against him about firing a pistol at a builder who hadn’t repaid a loan of Rs. 45 lakhs given to him by Sayeed.

A Times of India report was noted by the court on how the applicant was a permanent resident of Mumbai, had no criminal antecedents, and was ready to accept all the terms and conditions given when he was arrested. Taking these circumstances into account, the court stated that there was no purpose being served by making sure the applicant remains behind bars. He had made a case of prima facie for the allowance of bail to be granted to him.

The builder with the unpaid loan in question, Mr. Nasir Shaikh had submitted a plea of intervention in opposition to the bail plea. The advocate representing him alleged unfairness displayed in the probe that had taken place.

On the 28th of November, Mr. Shaikh went to meet the accused with his brother-in-law to request a little more time in order to repay the loan taken and the aftermath of this was a heated argument.

The victim made the allegation of being shot twice by Mr. Sayeed, one bullet had hit the sofa and the second bullet had gone ineffective. Subsequent to these events, he had lodged a complaint with the police with regards to this attack and had also given the ‘bullets’ to the officials investigating the complaint.