Anees Ibrahim LAW INSIDER IN

Anees Ibrahim

Wanted Gangster, Terrorist and Drug dealer

  1. Name- Anees Ibrahim
  2. Occupation-Gangster, terrorist and drug dealer
  3. Organization- D-Company
  4. Relatives-Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar (brother) (deceased)

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar (brother)

Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar (brother)

Haseena Parkar (sister) (deceased)

Status- Wanted by India since the 1980s.

Anees Ibrahim is a Mumbai based wanted Indian terrorist, criminal mobster and the brother of Dawood Ibrahim, who heads the organized crime syndicate, D-company.

He is said to be the brains behind the day-to-day operations of the gang and plays a role in the decision-making process of the criminal syndicate, since the D-company and its proxies continue to dominate organized criminal activities in India and also spread across continents today.

D-Company reportedly commands over 5,000 cadres, involved in smuggling, global hawala operations, counterfeit currency, extortion, contract killings, illegal betting and, allegedly, major financial scams.

The D-company enterprise is challenged both from outside and from within, with Dawood Ibrahim’s unconfirmed split with his long-time aide, Chota Shakeel, due to the fact that Anees and him reportedly have had a falling out due to Anees’s influence in the D-Company that led to Shakeel parting ways with his long-time boss.

This is a major reason as to why Dawood Ibrahim still remains in key control of crime-terror empire, intimidation, since capacities for punitive enforcement and personal loyalty are integral to its continuity.

Succession in such formations always results in fragmentation. His neutralisation by any means- including a natural death- would bring Ibrahim’s networks under great stress and build major vulnerabilities.

Criminal Charges-

  • Anees is known to be involved in narcotics trafficking, extortion, contract killings, and money laundering on behalf of D-Company, which is an organized criminal syndicate founded and controlled by his brother, Dawood Ibrahim, operating transnationally across India, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.


  • He is also accused of involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts. He and other leaders of D-Company are the subjects of Interpol Red Notices for their suspected involvement in the 1993 terrorist bombings in Mumbai in which 257 people were killed.


  • Currently among the world’s most wanted fugitives along with the D-company. The United States Department of Treasury named both Ibrahim and D-Company as Significant Foreign Narcotics Traffickers pursuant to the Kingpin Act.


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