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Amicus Curiae files Action Plan report for disposal of criminal cases against MPs/MLAs

By Astha Joshi-

Amicus Curiae, Senior Advocate Vijay Hansaria has filed the report in Supreme Court detailing the Action Plan for expeditious disposal of criminal cases against the MPs and MLAs.

The report has been filed based on the Action Plan developed by the High Courts in terms of the 16th September’s SC order.

The report detailed out the number of cases pending and specific recommendations to go on with a fast trial for each state accordingly. 

There were general directions sought which included. Some of them are:

“1. All the High Courts may be directed to take appropriate steps in terms of the Action Plan submitted before this Hon’ble Court. 

2. The High Courts may also consider suggestions made by other High Courts, which have been mentioned hereinabove. 

3. All the State Governments shall appoint Nodal Prosecution Officers and Special Public Prosecutors and shall co-operate for expeditious trial of pending cases. 

4. The State Governments shall take steps for establishment of ‘Safe and Secure Witness Examination Room’ for all the Special Courts.”