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Co-founder of Menstrupedia Comic

NAME- Aditi Gupta

PROFESSION- Author, entrepreneur


PLACE OF BIRTH- Garhwa, Jharkhand


MOTHER’S NAME- Sushma Gupta

SPOUSE- Tuhin Paul



EDUCATION- Completed post graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

COMPANIES– Menstrupedia Comic


BACKGROUND- Aditi Gupta, a social entrepreneur is the co-founder of Menstrupedia. In 2014, she was named in the Forbes India 30 under 30 achiever’s list.

Aditi was born in a small town of Jharkhand called Garhwa. She initially completed her engineering and then for her post-graduation joined National Institute of Design. While studying at National Institute of Design, in 2009, she initiated a thesis project for spreading awareness about menstruation. This project later became Menstrupedia.

Menstrupedia was idea of Aditi. Aditi had to face a lot of difficulties during her periods when she was a kid. This motivated her and her husband to start something which can help to educate people about menstruation and remove the taboo from the society. However, initially when she thought of doing this project, she did not have many information and thus, she undertook a research on the said subject for a year.

While collecting information on the subject, she had conversations with girls and doctors and this gave her the idea of starting a comic book. So, she started uploading comic books on Her comic book had four characters: a doctor and three girls.

Further, to spread awareness Aditi and Tuhin started Menstrupedia comic in 2012 to educate girls and women about menstruation in an engaging way. Menstrupedia Comic, designed by Menstrupedia team is a guide on periods. The Menstrupedia comic is currently available in 14 languages and this comic is being used by more than 30 schools in India.

Also, for this great work, in the year 2014, Aditi Gupta was listed among India’s 30 under 30 achiever’s list by Forbes India.

Further, she is an alumnus of International Visitor Leadership Program.


2009- Aditi came up with the idea of creating awareness about menstruation in the society.

2012- Menstrupedia comic started in November, 2012.

2014- Aditi Gupta was named in the India 30 under 30 achiever’s list by Forbes India.


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