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AAB writes to Chief Justice AS Oka to arrange medical care for lawyers in State

Sakshi Chhabra 

The Advocates Association Bengaluru (AAB) wrote to the Chief Justice of Karnataka High court Abhay Shreeniwas Oka requesting to arrange proper medical care for all lawyers in the State.

In this letter, AAB stated that a huge number of legal officers as well as advocates lost their lives due to COVID. This deadly virus is taking people’s lives on a large scale.

The letter requested the court to arrange for hospital bed, oxygen, and medications for the lawyers.

The letter also pointed out the lack of medical facilities in the state which is resulting of people dying due to this deadly virus. 

It also stated that it has already carried out a vaccination program for the lawyers in the state which was successful. 

“In this hour of crisis, we must all stand united and fight the Pandemic. The Advocates Association, Bengaluru is fully committed to any endeavor that will ease the suffering faced by the Judicial community including lawyers and staff. We, therefore, request you (CJ Oka) to take the lead and come up with a mechanism to provide the necessary medical infrastructure such as beds, oxygen, medication etc. to the (lawyer) community. We will stand by and fully support any such method that your Lordship may come up with to do our bit to the legal fraternity,” the letter read.

Concluding the letter, AAB said that any facility even on a small scale would be enough, but little help should be provided to the lawyers.