A rare occasion of a husband-wife taking oath together as Judges of Madras High Court

Anushka Mansharamani

The Madras High Court saw an unusual occasion of a husband and wife taking oath as judges together on 2nd December 2020 after the Madras High court exhilarated 10 judicial officers to take their oath. On 1st December the central government vindicated these 10 judicial officers who would be starting their office period of two years except Justices Ananthi Subramanian who would hold office till 30th July 2022 and Kannamal Shanmugha Sundaram who would hold office till 19th July 2022. The recommendation for the same was made on 23rd September.

Justice Thamilselvi T. Valayapalayam and Justice Murali Shankar Kuppuranju took the oath as a couple and would be entering the 128-year-old Madras High Court complex. The Madras High Court is the oldest courts in India as it was established during the British rule in 1862 and the current Madras complex was inaugurated in 1892.

They belonged to the same batch in the year 1995 of the Tamil Nadu Judicial exam. The couple married in 1996. The couple got promoted to the position of the sub judge, district judge and the principal district judge all at the same time.

The couple was welcomed by Advocate General Vijay Narayan during the oath and it was the first time that the Madras High Court had seen such a duo.

A similar occasion had taken place in the Punjab & Haryana High Court last year where Justices Vivek Puri and Archana Puri had sworn in as judges and in the year 2009 the Delhi High Court had seen a similar instance when Justices A K Pathak and Indermeet Kaur took the oath together as a Husband-wife duo.

Seeing a husband-wife duo to be sworn as judges is not something we see every day and therefore it is considered a rare occasion.